What to Expect

Chinese Medicine is a truly holistic medical system – practitioners such as myself look at the whole person - body, mind & lifestyle – through a unique yet powerful paradigm to cast light on the underlying cause of disease. Using the tools of Chinese Medicine, namely acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, we set about to correct the underlying imbalances and restore health naturally.

To achieve this, the initial consultation will last approximately 1.5 hours and will involve a detailed discussion of your symptoms, medical history, diet and lifestyle. I then use traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis, palpation, and examination to gain further insight into your condition. This information is then used to develop a diagnosis based on traditional Chinese medicine principles.

An acupuncture treatment is then designed and applied. Once the fine filament acupuncture needles are in place, you rest for around 20-30 minutes while your body responds. For small children and babies, needles are merely inserted and withdrawn, not retained.

If indicated, I will prescribe an herbal formula specifically tailored to treat your needs. The herbs I use conform to the highest standards of dried herbal preparations in Australia. The herbal formulae come in various forms -- dried, granulated or pill-form.

Ongoing Care

For most conditions, I will usually see the patient for a follow-up consultation in a week’s time. I will do more acupuncture at this point, unless we are only doing an herbal consultation. The follow-up appointments with acupuncture will last about an hour; herbal consultations last about one-half hour.

Chronic conditions will take more treatment to heal. The longer a problem has been around (and the longer it took to get that way), the longer it will take to resolve it. That being said, Chinese Medicine can work remarkable fast, even with complicated and chronic conditions. I am able to better judge how many treatments will be necessary after the initial consultation, and I will work with you to obtain lasting results in as short a time as possible.

Fee Structure

The initial Consultation (approximately 1.5 hours) $125

Follow-up appointments with acupuncture (approximately 1 hour) $80

Follow-up herbal medicine consultations (approximately one-half hour) $75

Concession and Pensioner rates available

Herbal medicine and supplements are additional